"When will I See you againnnnn” - Back in 2002 the British populist was so bad at bbqing that the food standard agency decided an advert was needed to show that eating sausages cooked on a bbq that were pink in the middle was a no no.

It’s worrying that the Government had to point out that you couldn’t have you chicken medium rare, Mmm how can something be frozen and burnt at the same time?

Using a gallon of fire lighter fluid to get the coals going, cooking over an open flame was day one at the school of BBQ.

Lucky BBQ in Britain has come a long way since then. Charcoal, Gas and Electric BBQs are all readily available, with brand leaders like Weber cornering the market with affordable long lasting products.

I myself have a Weber Kettle that’s over ten years old and still has legs to grill on.  As for firelighters, invest in a chimney starter to get your coals roasting, you won’t regret the switch.

Outdoor cooking is becoming more and more accessible to the average joe and I plan to review some access level BBQ’s in the coming month. I am no means a celebrity chef or a master cook, just a fat man with a beard who likes to Grill.




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