@jacksmeatshack Check out @mydelikitchen Greek Style Flatbreads, they really are the best thing since sliced bread. I’ve packed on the flavour by making a smoked baba ghanoush topped with mutton steaks that were cooked directly on the charcoal. Finished off with chopped tomatoes for a pinch of freshness. Perfect for filling, topping, or dipping! The Deli Kitchen Greek Style Flatbreads are available in supermarkets across the UK. Recipe as follows INGREDIENTS: Deli Kitchen Greek Style Flatbreads 3 aubergines 1 bulb smoked garlic 2 tbsp tahini 4 tbsp olive oil Lemon juice Salt Cumin Flat leaf parsley 1. Place aubergines and garlic onto a hot coal bed (directly in the coals). You could do this whilst you are doing another cook. 2. Turn the aubergines and garlic approximately every 5 minutes allowing all sides of the skin to blacken. Remove from the coals when they become soft and squidgy. 3. Allow the aubergines and garlic to cool completely in bowl covered in cling film. 4. Scoop out flesh of aubergines and garlic and place in a bowl discarding the skins. 5. Place the aubergines and garlic into a food processor with all of the other ingredients listed and pulse until reached your desired consistency. Personally, I prefer a few rough lumps here and there. 6. Serve with flatbreads and enjoy. #AD #DeliKitchen #BestThingSinceSlicedBread #bbqing #ukbbq #mutton #dirtystylecooking #kamadojoe #kamadojoenation #smokedaubergine #eggplantrecipes #eggplantgang #flatbreadsociety ♬ original sound – Jacksmeatshack

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