If you enjoy this site chances are you are a meat fan.  Hell, the clue is in the name right?! And if you are a meat fan you need to visit a Brazilian Rodizio restaurant and be able to eat meat to your hearts content. Of all the BBQ restaurants you have ever been to I guarantee you will never quite experience meat sweats like a rodizio.

Arguably one of the most famous steak restaurants in the UK; Gauchos name is derived from the cowboys called “Gauchos” who used to herd the cattle like cowboys in the old wild west.  These Gauchos pioneered the style of cooking we now know as “Churrasco” in the 16th and 17th centuries and this later spread to brazil in the 1940s.

You would usually find that the start of the show at such establishment is a cut called “Picanha” this come from the top of the cows butt. It goes by many names around the world Sirloin cap, Rump cover, Rump cap or Coulotte.

Its not a muscle that moves much during old daisy’s life so remains tender and has nice layer of fat that keeps the meat moist.

Apparently this cut only became popular in the 1960s when a Hungarian butcher in Sao Paulo introduced it to migrant butchers working at a Volkswagon plant.

By the 1970s , Once the secret was out about “pinacha” and the Brazilians had thrown it into a grill it soon became a national favourite.

Now this cut tends to be quite expensive in the UK, I have used rump steak which is a cheaper alternative but treated right it tastes just as good.  I have smashed this one out now at a couple of family get togethers and it always goes down a treat.

What you need:

1KG of Rump steak

Dijon Mustard

Franks Red Hot sauce

Bbq rub or salt n pepper (your Choice)

Now we are going to cook this steak using the reverse sear method, this means I am going to cook it low and slow on the Traeger until it the optimal internal temperature has been reached.

Start by combining a table spoon of Dijon mustard with some Franks red hot sauce, I do this as it helps the seasoning stick and gives you levels of flavour.

Now its ready for the Traeger.  I had mine set to 82c as I want the meat to absorb as much smoke as possible and that magic happens at lower temperatures.  See here for a guide on internal temperatures.  I had my coals going as well as the Traeger on this occasion so as an extra special treat I whacked it on for literally seconds just to sear the outside and give the fat a crisp up and that almost burnt flavour of the rub which I had slathered on earlier.  MMMMmmmm salty goodness.

As with most meats we need to give our rump some time to rest to allow time for the meat juices to redistribute and expand before slicing.  Honestly this goes down a treat and is cheap and easy.  Mrs Shack will make the whole thing into an event by making Pao De Queijo a Brazilian cheese ball bread and grilled pineapple to go with it all because we don’t do things by halves in this household!  If we’re extra nice perhaps she’ll share her recipe…