For all you fellow coffee addicts out there why not end your day as you start it with an injection of delicious tasting coffee on your meat.  No, I haven't gone stark raving mad, I said coffee on meat, hang in there with me for a moment...

Adding coffee to a BBQ rub will accentuate the flavours of your meat, caramelising throughout the cooking process to produce  a sweet, yet savoury bark that seals in the moisture of the meat.  If your mouth isn't watering right now, then officially... there is something wrong with you!

But coffee does so much more than just enhance the flavour of your meat. It also acts as a tenderiser utiising it's natural enzymes to create a beautiful crunchy outside and moist tender meat on the inside.

I used this ridiculously simple rub on a simple piece of pork tenderloin but it will also work on steaks, chicken and ribs.  The tenderloin is an extremely lean piece of meat which is often underrated to make way for fattier cuts.  Without attention to detail in preparation and the cooking process tenderloin will have the tendency to dry out making this coffee edition perfect to retain it's moisture.  Don't believe me?  check out the video.  Does it look dry to you?

To make this rub for yourself combine 1 tbsp. ground coffee (might I recommend Marley coffee if you can get hold of it), with 1 tbsp. Paprika, 1 tbsp. black pepper, 1 tbsp. salt.  That's it.

For extra special flavour leave to marinate for at least a few hours and overnight if you can.