We do it every year without fail.  Eat FAAAARRRRRR too much turkey at Christmas, Thanksgiving and in our house we do it all over again on New Years Day.  Another bloody turkey.  Hell it's tradition.  There is a reason you can only buy whole turkeys once a year, it takes us a whole year to recover.

Households across the land hover their gaze in the fridge in the days which proceed the holidays looking disapprovingly at the leftovers staring longingly at you.  You just can't have another Turkey sandwich.  Not this year.

Give the Turkey curry a miss this year, your butt will thank you - and give these CRAN-TURK-BRIE burgers a go instead.

I took the burger by the horns and saw my opportunity to play with my NU Broiler, available soon here in the UK.

This little contraption is what I would describe as a miniature gas grill and is very unique.  It can reach temperatures of 800C!!!!  perfect for reverse searing nice fatty pieces of meat like a juicy rib eye steak.  Yum.

Simple to use, hook it up to the gas canister, switch it on and away you go.  I was eager to find out how my burgers would fair... let me tell you, they were delicious!

The recipe is simple, grill up some good quality burgers melting a slice of brie leftover from the cheese board and build your burger in layer, brie patty, turkey, dollop of Cranberry sauce and repeat.

Me, I went for three burger layers.  It is the holidays after all!