I have a problem.  It’s absolutely impossible to make lean baked turkey and spinach look attractive from ANY angle in order for me to sell this recipe to you.  You’ll just have to TRUST ME, they’re yummy and EXTREMELY good for you packed full of protein and flavour and rolling in at only 97 calories per pop.  Not bad for meat and cheese ay?

Plus, they literally are a piece of piss to make and easy to transport to work for something a little bit different to your usual chicken salad.

So let’s give this a go shall we?

What you need:

150g spinach

150g feta cheese (light, full fat, whatever your plan is peeps we don’t judge at the Shack)

150g cottage cheese

400g Turkey Mince

Salt and Pepper

(plus feel free to add any other spices you like with your turkey, Traeger do an amazing poultry rub with citrusy hints which would be fandabidozy with this recipe.  I actually opted for Riverside’s herby fish rub as I love the Dill flavour)

Chop your feta into small pieces and roughly chop the spinach.
Throw everything listed above into a mixing bowl…
Give everything a good mix up with your hands.  Or a spoon if you’re more grown up than me.
Stick the lot into your bakeware.  I opt wherever I can for silicone in the oven as it’s easy to wash up and nothing ever sticks to the sides.  But you can put this in muffin moulds, cake tins, baking dishes…
Bake for approximately 30 minutes, or until you know the meat is cooked.  Allow to cool and then cut into lunch time pieces.  To keep to the kcal count above this recipe divides into 16 pieces.
Seriously this is so easy I literally had to long out the cooking process photos just to make this page worth reading!!  What have you got to lose, if you’re not a fan you could always feed it to the dog…

Sorry Racoon, none for you!


Serve up with salad and some cherry tomatoes for a lovely protein filled lunch guaranteed to keep you full until your next cooking adventure…