Imagine a sweet buttery croissant…

Topped with smokey streaky bacon….

Topped with brown sugar AND maple syrup AND Honey Jack Daniels AND Traeger coffee rub… ???

I give you Jack’s Crack, or Meat Shack Bacon Crack if you will.

Pork crack 119

Yes ladies and gentleman, this doughy little number is my maiden voyage into baked goods and although it may be a little rough around the edges, it turned out pretty damn gooood.  And if you don’t believe me, let’s ask Chuck…

Pork crack 110
Looks like I got the canine vote of approval.

What you need:

Ready made croissant dough

Streaky bacon, about 400g or enough to top your sheet of dough

About 150g Brown Sugar

A good glug of maple syrup

Pork crack 021
Lay your croissant dough out flat, pick several holes with a fork then place on top of a baking tray lined with grease proof paper and set aside.
Add a layer of maple syrup on your pastry, a layer of brown sugar, then a layer of grilled bacon and finally another layer of maple syrup… got it?  Syrup, sugar, bacon, syrup.


put the pastries on the grill for about 20 minutes until the croissant dough is cooked
Pork crack 071
Here’s Mrs Shack telling me I haven’t put enough bacon on it… her exact words?  “where’s the rest of the bacon, dick?”
Cut the pastry up into biscuit size pieces and serve them up mid Q.

The mixture of bacon and sweet dishes often turns heads at our events not everyone gets it, until they try it, but hell as I said, croissant, maple, brown sugar AND bacon?  what’s not to like.

The beauty of serving these up mid Q is what’s  known as the “sweet spot”.  A short sweet break after a serving of salty barbecued foods awakens the taste buds.  Encourage the guests to go for a second helping of savoury meat after this break brings out even more of the salty tender flavour the second time round.

Watch out Great British Bake Off… I think I’m a serious contender for your next round…