If you had to pick only one animal that you had to eat for the rest of your life I doubt many of you would argue with me that it would have to be the pig.  With so many cuts available both lean and fatty the opportunities are endless from chops to sausages, from ribs to cheeks, from legs to livers, pig just tastes so darn gooooood.

An absolute firm favourite in the Meat Shack household is pork shoulder and always on the list from Smithfield.  Due to pigs constantly digging around in the dirt scavenging for something to eat the shoulder is a hard working muscle which is dense and has fat running through it making it perfect for stews and slow roasts.  Today’s recipe calls for the fillet located at the top of the shoulder diced into cubes and barbecued to perfection.

What you need

Pork shoulder fillet diced into boulders

Dijon Mustard

A combination of spices which you fancy (Meat Dust); (Oregano, salt and pepper); (Fennel, salt and pepper)

I had a bit of fun with this one.  Enjoy the vid or scroll down for written instructions.


Dice the shoulder into boulder size chunks of roughly the same size to ensure they all cook consistently.
Place the boulders in a mixing bowl and give a good old coating with the Dijon which will help the seasoning stick. Sprinkle over the seasoning from a height. Leave for at least 3 hours for the marinade to settle in.


Fill your chimney starter with charcoal and get your grill on. We’re gonna be cooking over direct heat today so spread the coals out evenly.


Skewer the meat with some veg and get those bad boys on!! Be patient, don’t be tempted to move the meat before it’s ready. When you see a good browning almost like the meat has caramelised it’s ready to turn. You’ll want this lovely brown colour all the way round.


When you’ve got that lovely brown colour have a feel up and the meat should be firm to touch. If you’re using a meat thermometer you’ll be done at 87c