What can be better than a roast dinner?  A roast dinner cooked on the barbecue of course!

In case you missed it I recently blogged about the decline in UK Lamb sales; Jacky Had a Little Lamb.  So enjoy your read and let’s get our lamb on…

Check out this beautiful piece of meat.  Make sure you check out the blog for tips on choosing your cut when purchasing and what to look out for.
garlic 2
make small slits in your lamb and insert whole cloves of garlic

Olive oil
Give the meat a good coat of olive oil, don’t forget the under side…
Add a good coat of rub, I’m Traeger’s Saskatchewan  rub for some added garlic and slightly spicy flavour
rub 2

The seasoned meat is now ready for the grill set at 135c.
This 3kg sweetheart reached it’s target temp of 60c 4 hours into the cook.  If you do prefer your meat well done the internal temp should be 70c.  For our internal temperature guide make sure you check out the BBQ Boss page.

Let the meat rest for a third of the cooking time.  This has been resting for about an hour whilst the yorkies and taters were sizzling away on the Traeger.
Chow time!