As my days officially as a Carnivore Caveman are drawing to a close I am still pontificating about what happens next…

I’ve made several references to how I could kill for some kind of thirst quencher in this heat however asides from this I’ve got to be honest, I don’t miss vegetables, I don’t miss bread or many of the other things which I used to enjoy and if anything I am relishing in the energy and benefits I appear to be getting out of the Carnivore lifestyle.

I’ve been looking into Anthony Gustin’s own Carnivore experiment.  Anthony is a keen advocator of the Ketogenic Diet and founder of Perfect Keto.  He claims that the Carnivore Diet even superceeds the positive impact which the Ketogenic Diet has had on him personally and like myself found that he maintained this state of nutritional ketosis throughout his own experiment where he was burning fat for fuel.

During his experiment Anthony even explains that he had the occasional alcoholic bever-age and I think that’s where I might aim for going forward.  I will predominantly eat meat but be way less strict and indulge when I feel like a treat or when I’m out with the Missus and she’s insisting that I eat some damn greens.

To listen to Anthony’s podcast on the Carnivore Diet there is a link here.

22 July 2018

Weight in Day… bang 16st on the button. That’s a stone in 3 weeks.


Today would have been a very easy day to fall off the wagon having attended a bbq class that consisted of 9 course of delicious food, including not one, but TWO puddings, homemade pizza and homemade BBQ chips… but again none for Jacky boy.

I was even pushing the limits of the Carnivore rules by having certain rubs but again I didn’t want to be a MEA-GAN.

So Full Steam ahead into the final full week…Mmm I can already taste the lemon drizzle cake.

23 July 2018

It’s the final count down, derrr de derrr derrr….

Last full week of this meat filled experiment. You know its got bad when the old lady ask’s “do you need a plate for dinner or will you just eat off a board like an animal”.   Plates seem to be a thing of the past.

24 July 2018

Back to the gym tonight for the first time in a few months.

I was worried that I hadn’t eaten enough to train but got through a pretty gruelling upper body work out without any issues.  I suffer from prolapsed disc and this little experiment has defintely eased my back pain, I am putting it down to the weight loss.

Perhaps the workout didn’t seem as awful as I knew I had turkey legs smoking away at home as Mrs S put me through superset after superset in weather which is as hot as Mars.

I know I’ve said it before but seriously the turkey legs are the shiz… especially when you literally give up with a knife and fork and pick the damn thing up with your hands to get around the pesky tendons… I can see why Mrs S married me, I’m such a catch!

25 July 2018

Made bare gains at the gym yesterday, paying for it today…

Not anymore hungry than usual, this weather isn’t helping. They reckon it’s going to be 35c Thursday, massive down side to carnivore in hot climates the ability to freshen that pallet. Might have to suck on some ice cubes instead of a orange calypso.  Yum.

Maybe the bacon wrapped pork chops I am having today will take my mind off the heat.  Pig wrapped in pig, now that’s a dinner!

26 July 2018

People seem to just give me their leftover shit now.  I am like the meat dustbin of the office.

Don’t want it?  Give it to Jack, his food doesn’t make sense anyway.

Meanwhile the office is at least a cajillion degrees and they are waving feast lollies in my face.  Absolute bastards.  On 1 August I am literally going to have the coldest citrusy ice lolly ever known to man.

27 July 2018

Stuck in a hospital waiting room in blazing hot humidity

with the added bonus of a sweltering tube ride and unexpectedly not returning home until 3pm does not a happy Jack make.  Butter coffee is all well and good but does not stave off hunger until 3pm let me tell you.  So in my haste I put together the worlds weirdest concoction of basically anything “allowed” which I could get my hands on.  I hadn’t noticed before the lack of carnivore friendly snacks in the hospital gift shop!  I may complain about their inability to cater for my dietary requirements!

Made up for it at dinner time when I took my time to roast up some turkey legs.  All is well in the world again.

28 July 2018

Thank the Holy BBQ Gods above for rain last night!

It’s not very often that us Brits pray for rain but this freakishly consistent streak of hot sticky weather has tipped us over the edge.  I was out there with the best of them doing the rain dance for a chance to clear the air and it came.  We can breathe again!

Got back in the gym to make some more gains this morning and I managed a good 90 minute mix of cardio and strength training completely fasted and utilising the food from yesterday with no effects.  Not even a butter coffee this morning.  No issues whatsoever, I was full of energy and excited for my cooks today.  It’s going to be quite special.

Not only do I have a 1kg cowboy steak for lunch (or rib eye to you and I) but I have also been blessed with a whole rack of bone in pork loin both of which to taste test  with my Jack’s Meat Dust Multi Purpose Rub to make sure that I am true to my claim that this little spice sensation is good enough to spice up any meal.  I promise you, it did not disappoint!  There’s plenty of videos and pictures of both the steak and pork on my Instagram so you can see for yourself how the cook went down.

In terms of how I feel today, it’s just another day of loading up on meat! Water is now the boredom of my life and I would literally kill for just one sugar free Monster!  JUST ONE TREAT!!  Added to that Mrs Shack is busy away in the kitchen doing taste tests with the Meat Dust in Mac and Cheese bites and again I feel left out.

Image result for crying face emoji


So as my days as a Carnivore are drawing to a close here is this weeks round up summary:

  • If Anthony Gustin says it’s ok to drink alcohol once in a while then that makes sense to me.  No diet should make you feel like a martyr 100% of the time, after all life is for living;
  • There is a whole host of social media forums out there for Carnivores; if you are thinking about getting started but not sure where then here is a good place to start; they seem to be a nice group of chaps and lasses;
  • There is a fine line between coconut oil for health benefits and coconut oil which makes you shit yourself; be very careful it’s easy to cross.