So I thought I’d set the record straight before you thought that my husband and I are a couple of fat shits who spend our entire life eating.  Although we love our food, inventing food, talking about food and yes eating food we also spend a hell of a lot of time finding BALANCE in order to make sure we do not become said fat shits.

eat sleep train repeat

I have spent and still spend a good portion of my life in the gym but long gone are the days where my days were endlessly spent eating boiled chicken, sweet potato and broccoli. Life is just too short to eat shit food.

When the Shack has indulged in a massive cook up of meat the leftovers get packed up into tupperwares for work. When we grill up dinner veggies we make extra to keep us going the next day.  We plan, we execute, we enjoy!

Utilising the philosophy of eating real food and spending an hour or two on the weekend to be prepared means we have exciting and nourishing lunches throughout the week and the envy of our dry sandwich eating colleagues and/or avoiding the necessity to go get a rat burger because that’s the only thing you have time for between emails.

Then there is exercise, the thing we love to hate.  Whether you have been gyming it for years or new to the party I aim to get a library of topics and reviews from normal people finding their way through the wilderness of keeping fit.

So stay tuned folks and feel free to get in contact with any ideas, suggestions, pictures and comments. This section belongs to all of us.

Peace.  Love.  Food.

Mrs Shack x



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