You’ll have to excuse me whilst I attempt to contain my excitement… the tickets are booked and I’ve been actively avoiding all social media and after MONTHS of anticipation I will be going to see Marvel’s Infinity War this weekend.

Burgers Fit for a Hulk

In honour of this Marvellous event (excuse the pun) I have dedicated this absolute monster of a burger recipe to the Hulk due to it’s size and it’s ability to pack a massive punch.  Takes a bit of effort to get these bad boys built but definitely worth the effort and always a massive hit in the summer at the Meat Shack Household.

The secret is in the cheese which just oooozes out from the middle of the burger all wrapped up in a bacon lattice.  NOM.

What you need:

500g good quality steak mince

Streaky Bacon

Salt and pepper

A good handful of grated cheddar

Tub of cream cheese

A good handful of another grated cheese of your choice but something with a bit of kick.

1 onion

Burger buns

Grab a bowl and mix your cheeses together to form a creamy cheese mixture.  Then place to one side.

In another bowl add your meat and season well.

seasoning meat

weigh out your meat into 125g a piece and use a burger press to make four individual patties.

pressing burger

Add a dollop of your cheese mix on top of one of the patties.  There’s an art to this – too much cheese and you wont be able to seal your burger and not enough and you wont get the cheesey goodness!

cheese in burger

Add the second pattie on top and seal it altogether. Then give it a second press in the burger press.

Wrapping the bacon, my favourite part!!  First wrap with two pieces of streaky bacon in a cross.

bacon wrapping

Then use another two pieces to wrap round the outside.  Yes peeps that’s four pieces of bacon!

bacon wrap 2

These bad boys are ready to get on the grill on indirect heat otherwise the bacon will burn!  These are quite big ferocious burgers so I would definitely recommend using a meat thermometer to make sure they are completely cooked inside.  You want to reach a temperature of 160.


When you getting close to your finishing temperature grill up some onions to whack on top.  Toast your buns ready to go.

I can honestly assure you that about this time dribble will literally be falling from your mouth as you really can’t rush these bad boys they are simply too big!

And now for the moment of truth….