Who doesn't love coconut ice?  With it's sweet and sickly crumbly texture you'll get all of those lovely nostalgic feelings of being a kid again.  Plus it's really bloody simple to make and you're bound to get good arm muscles mixing the ingredients.  Have fun kids!

Course Dessert
Keyword coconutice, condensed milk, desserts, homemade, pudding, sweets
Prep Time 15 minutes
setting time 2 hours
Author jacksmeatshack


  • 400 g sweetened condensed milk
  • 400 g icing sugar sifted
  • 400 g dessicated coconut
  • pink edible food colouring


  1. Mix together the condensed milk and icing sugar with a wooden spoon in a large bowl. This is not easy - it's stiff and hard work but worth it so keep going! Work the coconut into the mix until it’s well combined – you can even use your hands.
  2. Split the mix into two and stir in a small amount of food colouring into one half. It's gotta be pink - that's the tradition after all.
  3. Using a square silicone baking tin flatten out the layer of white coconut ice so it's nice and flat and then add the layer of pink coconut ice and do the same.
  4. Pop it in the fridge for at least two hours so it gets a bit stiffer or even overnight to set. Cut into squares with a sharp knife and pack into bags or boxes to share with friends and love ones. Or eat the lot yourself. Up to you.