ALWAYS give credit where credit is due, ESPECIALLY when it comes to food!  So this recipe is 100% dedicated to our good Californian pal, Heidi.

Now our Heids is a wonderful person in general, whenever we visit she carts us around, gives us her automobile, opens her home to us, but the day she bought this plate out my eyes popped out of my head.

Jalapeno poppers

These bad boys are an absolute taste tantalisation which melt in your mouth.  The combination of sweet, salty, cheesey and spicy almost feels like an impossibility but these definitely hit that mark.  Stick a fork in me, I’m done.

What you need:

Jalapeno Peppers

Cheddar cheese

Cream cheese

Any kind of cheese with a bit of a kick (like a Mexicana or spicy pepper jack)

Streaky bacon

pinch of paprika

Maple syrup

Cut the jalapenos in half lengthways

Get the poppers on the grill on indirect heat and drizzle over the maple syrup and grill until the bacon and jalapeno edges are slightly charred.

Make sure you give them a few minutes before attempting to eat them however tempted you are to smash them in your mouth… burning hot cheese and sticky maple syrup will burn (which I know from experience!!)

And there you have it… a perfect warm up, side dish or hell you could just demolish a whole plate of these for dinner!!

Cheers Heids!

Mr and Mrs Shack with the beautiful and talented Heidi