Good old Blighty ay.  Grey skies, rain, freezing cold wind.  I’m sure there are many like myself who will persevere with their barbecue endeavours and get the coals lit even when it’s snowing.  But there are times when it’s rocketing down with hail stones and hell it’s just not happening.  The only thing for it has got to be a good old roast dinner to eat away the Blighty Blues.

The Very Cherry Pork Roast is a ridiculously easy “throw it all in” type of meal of sweet and savoury goodness which is sure to get a wink or two at the dinner table.  If you are tired of a dry old bit of pork I’d recommend you give this a go.

What you need:

A nice pork should joint

A good pinch of smoked salt, pepper and Thyme

Half a bag of frozen pitted cherries

A glug of apple juice

1 onion sliced into chunks

Corn flour or Xantham gum to thicken your sauce at the end

Trim the fat from the pork and set this aside to make into crackling later.


Tenderly rub your meat with the smoked salt, pepper and Thyme. Set your instant pot to the meat setting and sear on all sides. If your not using an Instant pot use your favourite cast iron pan to get a light brown colour all round.


IMG_0566 - Copy
Set your instant pot to the slow cooking setting and add the apple juice, cherries and onion. Whack the lid on and cook for 8 to 10 hours. When the time’s up remove the pork and shred it ready to serve and set the Instant pot back on to sear to reduce the sauce down. Use the flour or gum to thicken as much as you want. Either serve over the top or on the side as a sauce.


Get your crackling in with plenty of time before your roast is ready you want it nice and crunchy! Use an extremely sharp knife or even better a stanley knife and put a criss cross pattern in the fat. Rub salt in the cracks to draw out the moisture out.


Corrrrrrr tell me this does make you salivate! get your fat in the oven at a high temp of 230 for 10 minutes then switch the oven down to 200. Keep an eye on it you want it nice and crunchy but not burnt. Should take roughly 20 minutes.


Bish Bash Bosh, serve up with all your favourite roasted sides.