I wouldn’t say me and Mrs Shack are competitive… but this is what we’re dealing with here people, yes that is my wife kicking ten bells out of me….


No surprise really, she’s been taught by the one and only Stanford Quarrie and I urge you to head over to You Tube to check him out, here is a link to an impact strike demonstration.  Nuff said she is a tough old Mofo.

Back to the recipe.

You may have guessed by now that my love doesn’t just stretch to barbequing but I am also a massive fan of the Cinema and there is absolutely nothing more classic than a mix of sweet and salty popcorn whilst enjoying Stan Lee’s latest release.

And so Mrs Shack sets the challenge.

“I want that pork belly out of my fridge.  we’re making pork popcorn.  I’ll do salt, you’ll do sweet.  Get the family to vote.  Loser does the cleaning this week”

Challenge Accepted.  Design and execute some sweet porky burnt ends.

Jack’s Maple Bourbon Burnt Ends Recipe

What you need:

500g pork belly into 1 inch chunks

Hot sauce

Rub of your choice, I’m using and reviewing Firefly Memphis Pig today

3 Tablespoons Jack Daniels

Good glug of Maple Syrup

Good Glug of honey

The Pork is divided!!!  Let the battle commence!!  Hell yeah it’s Traeger time.
Give the pork a good coat of hot sauce to help the rub stick.
Mix!!  and coat with rub.
Get your porky soldiers in a line on a wire rack or similar.  Mrs Shack bought me some disposables to give a go (basically cos she’s getting the hump of constantly washing up my BBQ gear.  I have to say actually these are probably going to be a bit of a go to for future projects 😉 )
The Traeger has been set to 102.  Low and slow buddies, low and slow.  Get a good bake on for 2 hours.  And remember if you’re looking you aint cooking!
PHWOAR, two hours in and check these bad boys out!  Get them off the grill and back inside to get the sweetness on.
Add your glug of JD.
And your glug of maple.  ‘Scuse the pink kitchen roll, I didn’t buy that.  Pop them back on the Traeger for another hour and half to two hours.
unwrap the foil to get a last minute crunch and add some honey.  One final ten minute blast.
Braaaaap.  Take that Mrs Shack, gonna take some beating….

Mrs Shack’s Crispy Salty Porky Popcorn

Mrs Shack here.  Yeah yeah yeah, lets just remember who’s in charge of this operation shall we.  I set the challenge, but hell when I was researching I must confess my nerves got the better of me.  With all the rubs and sweet marinades available on the market how was I going to beat the bearded one with SALT????

Good job my big headedness got the better of me and I came up with this tweaked little Spanish number which will win for sure.

What you need:

500g Pork Belly

1 1/2 Tablespoons Salt

1/2 tablespoon coarse black pepper

4 bay Leaves

4 cups of water

Five ingredients.  Minimal fannying around.

Put your salt, pepper and bay leaves in your pot.
Add your water and bring to the boil.
Add the pork. and boil on a medium heat.  The nerves kicked in here.  I’m thinking “boiled pork, what the……”  Stay with me people.
Keep it boiling until all the water evaporates.  My heart is in my chest now, this f****ing pork is GREY!
Just keep it going because ACTUAL MAGIC HAPPENS.  The water evaporates and then the pork starts cooking in it’s own fat!!!!  Check this amazingness out and I literally have done nothing except stirred occasionally.
And there you have it sweet and salty porky popcorn.  Take that to the cinema and give your neighbour food envy why dontcha.
Get your nearest and dearest round to judge….


Mrs Shack signing off, Jack’s gone to fetch the feather duster.