A roast isn’t a roast without two EXTREMELY important elements; the potato and the Yorkshire pudding.  It always amazes me in our house that however long I have spent gently preparing and nurturing my meat as well as the thought and research which goes into buying good quality, nothing goes over better than the humble spud.

There are a number of ways which you can prepare and cook your roasties including the use of fats to cook them in including bottled oils (not a fan of this at all I must say), duck or goose fat OR my absolute favourite tried and trusted BEEF DRIPPING.

I always save my beef drippings from big cooks in a jar especially for making potatoes and Mrs Shack will pinch it too for the Yorkshires.  Invest in some good Kilner Jars and you’re good to go.

You can use Desiree, King Edward or Maris Piper for this recipe, I personally opt for the Pipers as my spud of choice.

Par boil the potatoes so that they are still firm and just turning soft on the outside.  Drain and give them a good fluff in the saucepan.  Make sure you don’t par boil too much otherwise you will just end up with a mash when you fluff them (been there done that)
Give them a good coat of salt and pepper

Pre heat your beef dripping on the grill and get it NICE AND HOT before adding the potatoes.  We cranked the Traeger up as high as it would go.
We like our potatoes really crisp and brown so gave them a good hour and a half adding other vegetables as we went along.  Turn the potatoes over half way through the cook.

Fluffy, beefy, crispy fool proof roasties.  Amazing.