8 July 2018

So the hardest day is over, Saturday’s burger and wings extravaganza a distant memory.

My will, unlike a wet KitKat managed to stay strong… no beers were consumed and no dessert was eaten.   Although the lemon & raspberry sor-bet (as my dad calls it) nearly broke me.  Just a drop of that taut Icey goodness to cleanse my meaty pallet would have been nirvana.  I think if it wasn’t as hot as mars at the moment this wouldn’t be as hard.

Anyway fat fighters, it’s weigh-in day.  I stand on the scales and weigh in an eyelash under 16.7 stones, that 7lbs down in a week.  Impressive.

It is another ridiculously hot day and my appetite is at zero.  No breakfast, two pieces of pork crackling for a snack and two left over beef chipolatas about midday.

We decided to have an early dinner, some might call it tea. Enter the Ginger Pigs 100 day chicken.  I managed a thigh, drum and wing.  Admittedly it was the size of an ostrich’s leg but I am just not hungry.  Feeling good, new week ahead and I am excite to attack it.

9 July 2018

I’ve noticed my clothes have started to fit a little better.

I have always been blessed with a rather round derrière and I even won best bottom at my 6th form prom, equality exists after all.

3rd bowl movement was harder than a coffin nail. I am drinking so much fluid, I’ve done over 4 pints by 12:00.

The advice I’ve been given is to eat when I am hungry and drink when I am thirsty so I am.

It’s still UKBBQ Week and today is supposed to be meat free, but the idea of ting a recipe consisting of eggs and cheese on a BBQ does not appeal, so reverse sear Tomahawk it is.  Damn it was good. I didn’t even have that stuffed bloated feeling after.

My cravings for sweeter foods are starting to decline. However I have found some loop holes that I am going to explore…fizzy water flavoured with essence and oils from fruits.  Zero carb, zero sugars and zero calories.  Not sure yet if this is “allowed”.  So I’m too scared to give it a go.


10 July 2018

Taco Tuesday or in my case an excuse to wear my poncho all evening.

No wonder neighbour is trying to sell his house.   He must think what the hell sort of weird shit are those two into… He dresses up and she films him and asks about his poo.

In case you was wondering my bowl movements have become regular now which is a relief. I think I need to change up the way I approach the diet, I am eating little during the day and then eating a big meal in the evening. Note to self that I am going to reverse this method but this might be a bit difficult when you only have a microwave at work, maybe I should approach my boss about having a BBQ bought into the office…

11 July 2018

I am definitely felling less bloated, the weather has cooled so I no longer crave fizzy drinks.

Today I am taking over the Tom Hixons Instagram page…excited much.

Fretting over this “diet” seems to be a distant memory.  On the menu tonight is Lamb ribs, and I’ve never had the pleasure of cooking them before, a bit of an unknown entity. A chef friend of mine suggested that I make an anchovy emulsion to go with them and damn it was powerful. A salty sensation of anchovies in a blender, blitzed into a paste and then slow add olive oil until thick and creamy. I can see myself using this recipe quite a bit in the next few weeks and may be just the mental trick I need to overcome my loss of sauces and marinades.

12 July 2018

I definitely have more energy…

normally Thursday is when I start to flag and feel the tiredness from the week of 5am alarm calls, but not this Thursday. Is it the diet or is it the fact that we are having a the best summer in a long time? who knows but I like my new found superpowers. But I think flavour is my kryptonite, I still crave fruits and even veggies. I will prevail.

13 July 2018

Friday 13th and good job it’s not a full moon…

I stand to turn into a werewolf with all this meat.

I think I have eaten an entire cow in the last two weeks.

Mrs Shack offered to make me a bulletproof coffee this morning, I think she is actually beginning to feel a bit queasy seeing so much red meat go down my gullet.  And she has a very strong stomach.

Where has this delight been all my life?  Essentially it is a coffee made with a teaspoon of butter and a teaspoon of coconut oil (or you can use MCT oil).  Keto fanatics have this coffee touted as killing cravings and boosting cognitive function.  Well I’m not sure about that, I’m pretty sure that butter doesn’t have magical powers but somehow it does taste of aero and it’s bloody delicious.

14 July 2018

Another day, another bulletproof coffee.

I think today has been the first time where I’ve realised that I am actually starting to miss the enjoyment of the meal time and what it represents.  I’m hardly hungry and whereas meal time used to be a bit of an event between me and the missus to plan and execute it’s starting to feel like I’m eating for fuel rather than enjoyment.   Plus it’s Saturday and hot and a beer would go down a bloody treat right now.

So meat fans, a summary of this week:

  • Definitely easier this week, far less planning, far less thinking even for work, throw a load of meat in a box and go;
  • I haven’t spent a penny whilst at work this week, no poodling up to the shop to get a Monster energy drink for me;
  • Starting to miss the enjoyment of meal time with my wife.  Eating different dinners every night is not that sociable;
  • Bulletproof coffee is the dogs bollocks.  Fact.