Cauliflower is steadfastly taking over the UK by storm as the FITFAM army are reducing their carbs replacing the humble white slice with this vege-table.

Homes all over the country are filled with the smell of fart as cauliflower is being used to make tots, rice and even cauliflower bread, but hell we like to get involved too and boiled cauliflower is definitely a thing of the past when we discovered the whole roasted cauliflower which takes on a nice nutty flavour as well as any of the possible ingredients you might choose as a topping.

This easy peasy BBQ version is a good place to get started.

What you need:

A whole cauliflower, trimmed

Hot sauce

Rub of your choosing, we of course have used Jack’s Meat Shack rub

Cover the cauliflower in hot sauce.

Give the cauliflower a good old coat of your rub.

Throw it in a pre heated Traeger (or oven) on 190C for about an hour on until the outside is as toasted as you want it.

The cauliflower should be soft on the inside, crunchy on the outside and falling apart.

Why not give this a go…

I’ve served it up as a Cauliflower “salsa” topped with chopped plum tomatoes, yellow peppers and coriander grown freshly from the garden.  All served with some tasty steak lettuce tacos.  Yum!