Ah, the infamous burnt sausage at the Great British Barbecue.  Even the Sun, the thinking man's paper published burnt sausages as one of the 37 things that makes us distinctly British alongside consistent moaning about the weather and rumours of a hose pipe ban.

Honestly it makes me want to cry.  Almost as much as having a brother in law who is a vegan.

I mean, it's just not necessary and I'll tell you how and why.

Don't skimp out on your product.  But spending a fortune on sausages, also not necessary.  We nearly burnt down a mates house BBQing fancy lamb sausages where the fat content was so high that it nearly blew the roof off.  True story.

You're looking for at least 80% meat so check out the contents.  You'll probably find that a lot of the cheaper products are filled with sawdust.

On your charcoal BBQ take your time and caress those bad boys, sausage cooking is not a race it's an art.  Keep the sausages away from the direct heat and give them time to get brown  (not cremated) and brucey bonus they wont be spitting fat back at you as you cook them.

For gas BBQs keep the heat low and again take your sweet ass time.  Just tell those idiots who are mooching around your BBQ space harassing you to do one and that you're the grill master.

While we're on the subject of sausages let me tell you a bit about my experience in the homemade sausage department.  The Mrs bought a meat grinder so that I could make "healthy sausages" but of course the first attempt was black pudding and pork shoulder.  The bloody thing sounds like a pneumatic drill and I was there for what seemed hours trying to pummel through lumps of meat before the stuffing commenced.  All in all when you can buy a decent pack of sausages for around three quid this experience just isn't worth the washing up.  Just saying.


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