Long gone are the days in which the BBQ lid was used as a make shift hat to protect the alfresco chef from unpredictable weather the British isle has to offer.  The lid plays a vastly important role, whether you’re cooking on a kettle, drum, smoker or gas BBQ.

Modern BBQ Lids have built in vents that control air flow and a handy thermometer to check the internal temperature inside the grill.  Most of the new style of BBQs allow you to treat them like an outdoor oven.

Heat deflector shields, divide and conquer systems, GBS attachments, grates, grills and cones.  All Sound like something more akin to a space ship capable of interstellar travel rather than something you would want to roast a leg of lamb on.


However this new dawn of equipment allows us to push the envelope, forget sausage and burgers on a summer’s day. How’s about reverse seared Rump Steak, hassle back potatoes finished off with a desert of smoked Pineapple to cleanse you pallet?

Direct grilling, indirect grilling, the minion method, low and Slow, All styles I plan to show case in the coming months.

BBQ technology is catching up with the speed of cars and television sets, I’ve added a link below for a great charcoal starter BBQ that I personally recommend if I was starting out on my BBQ journey for you to consider if you’re just getting started out.

Weber Master-Touch GBS 57cm Black

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Happy Grilling Y’All

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