I do love to experiment with my outdoor cooking nothing gives me cheap thrills like learning something new when it comes to meat.  So imagine my sheer beardy delight when on a trip to California, some good friends of ours asked, “would you like to come over for some deep fried Turkey?”

It’s official.  The yanks will deep fry ANYTHING.

I must give credit to my good friends the Schulte’s, they really have taught me a thing or two about American Barbecuing, but hey I plan to do a whole post on that subject so be patient.

So when I say turkey, I mean these jokers literally put the whole damn bird in!  The process is so dangerous to the novice outdoor chef that year upon year countless Americans have ended up in the emergency room on thanksgiving day or worse literally blown up their gaffs.

So why hasn’t this craze made it’s way to our tables?  It might be because the following precautions are given before deep frying a turkey:

The ideal spot is at least 10 feet away from any buildings. It should have a level surface made of dirt or concrete, NOT wood, where you can place the burner. 

Just in case, make sure to keep a fire extinguisher near your setup, but not too close to the fryer.

Keep people out of this area unless they absolutely need to be there to help with the cooking.


And how does a turkey turn into a towering inferno house fire you ask?  Countless Americans have not completely thawed the turkey and as you may have heard, oil and water don’t mix, so pockets of the heavier H2O will start sinking toward the bottom of the fryer. But the oil around them quickly heats the water above its boiling point. As the water vaporizes, it expands, spattering the oil around it into the air. If only a few of them hit the burner, they can easily ignite into flame. Then they set off their neighbouring droplets, creating a chain reaction that results in a cloud of fire.

HOWEVER, Mr “Balls of Steel” Mark Schulte is the Deep Fried Turkey master and happily presented us with the most succulent tasting white meat I’ve probably ever had served up with an outer crispy skin of amazingness.  I doth my hat to you sir as it is something I am definitely not trying any time soon, the Missus will kill me.

turkey 2



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