Hands up who’s been out for a “cheeky pint” which ended up being more like 8 to 10 with numerous Jaeger bombs for good measure? You later wake up blowing chunks exclaiming, “it was definitely that chicken I ate last night from the dirty chicken shop…” Yep, we’ve all been there.


The more I delve into the culinary world the more I am realising how food hygiene is such a valuable weapon to my arsenal. You only have to encounter food poisoning once to never want to go there again.  Give me a hangover any day.

Now, go fetch a cook book. If you’re like me you have plenty to choose from.  Pick any recipe (this is starting to sound like a magician’s trick).  Does is detail what internal temperature your food should reach so you know it’s safe to eat?  Negative.

This is where our friend, the BBQ has yet another advantage. Most BBQ recipes out there will give you an idea of what internal temperature your meat should reach to the point of which you know you’re done and it’s safe to serve.

In some cases it’s an exact science or a necessity, for example, steak can go from juice medium rare to begin as touch as a coffin nail with a difference in temperature of 5c.

For other meats such as Chicken the internal temperature is your best friend if you fancy a dose of something that will leave you curled up like a ball on the bathroom floor.

Chicken should reach a temperature of 75C and should hold this temperature for around two minutes, this should kill off all the hidden nasties that lurk within.

Which moves me on to probing…..minds out the gutter you filthy animals, I am of course talking about a meat probe or hand held thermometer.

“Stick a fork in me I’m done” comes from a time before all this fandangle cooking technology existed and checking if your meat was done was a simple as sticking a fork in it to check the texture. Now don’t go and get one of your missus’ finest bone china handled forks and start prodding about just yet because these days there is a wide range of Wireless, bluetooth, and laser thermometers on the market to ensure you achieve the perfect cook.

pick your poison

Pick your poison, but personally here at the Shack, I prefer something handheld and sturdy.

As well as simply checking the internal temperature of your cook, you can use the probe to test the rigidity of the meat. If the probe passes through like a hot knife through butter and you have hit that magic temperature and it’s eating time.

Head on over to the BBQ Boss page and check out the Temperature Guide for ultimate results. So enjoy your probing lads and ladies and remember slide it in slowly, don’t rush. Again, I’m talking about the probe. Dickheads.

traeger hat

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