Sorry guys, but this is a takeover.  Mrs Shack has the microphone...

I used to be the salad spinner at our barbecue events.  Ok, I'll give myself a tad more credit.  I would be salad spinner, head cocktail waitress, sous chef in charge of sides and desserts and Managing Director of the clean up operation.  Basically all of the shit jobs.  This wasn't because Jack made me do these things it's because there is a quizzical notion that the barbecue is the man's domain.

is it shit.

I'll let you into a secret.  Cooking chicken over some embers or indirect grilling ISN'T HARD yet type Women and barbecue UK into a search engine and you'll get one or two interesting reads, but that's about it.  In the US women all over the country are taking over the barbecue scene by storm winning competitive barbecuing and well known pit masters of the trade.

So I made the decision to combine my passion of eating healthy real food with that wonderful taste of barbecue.  I was going to learn to do it myself.  It took a while to convince Jack to show me how to get the Traeger going as it looks intimidating but hey, Jack, the facade is over my friend, you've been outed. It's so bloody easy it feels like cheating.

Don't believe me?  I'll prove it to you...

Lift the lid of the hopper and fill with your wood pellet of choice.  Check out Jack's SMOKIN WOOD Guide in the BBQ BOSS section of the website.
Close the hopper lid and set the dial to SMOKE.  Don't forget to do a ridiculously cheesey smile for the camera
After about 2 minutes white smoke will start appearing from the chimney and grill.
Set the temperature just as you would an oven.  Exactly like an oven wait until it reaches the required temperature and you're ready to cook.

So ladies, women, females across the UK I IMPLORE you.  Next time your fella walks away from the barbecue to grab another can of Stella Artois pick up the tongs and take over and share some of that love.  And the washing up.  Share that too.

Mike drop.

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  1. Jacqui jarvis says:

    Guess I’m off to Riverside to buy me a Traeger.. you have made it look that easy, I don’t think even I can get it wrong!!
    I feel like Emily Pankhurst!!

  2. You nailed this. Definitely need to see more women BBQ’ing…

    1. Agreed 100% means more time to drink some cold ones

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