The word which brings smiles to the faces of barbecue enthusiasts all over the UK.  It’s not just an excuse for us to spend hours pawing tenderly over our barbecues whilst this massive slab of meat slowly roasts away, the results of our labour of love are phenomenal.  There is a reason why patrons will queue for hours in Austin Texas outside Franklin Barbecue just to get a serving, many times being turned away because there simply isn’t enough tastiness to go round.

Although it has long been hugely popular in the States, Brisket is now becoming a taste favourite for us Blightly patrons too with many British barbecue restaurants offering this smokey treat.  But unlike the growth of similar US recipes for pulled pork where the meat cuts are easily accessible,  brisket is harder to come buy and it’s considerably more expensive.  Cut from the lower chest of our old friend Daisy brisket was historically deemed the problem child of the Butchers station, often being cheaply sold off cheaply or packed off ready for the mincer.  Clearly times have changed.


I remember the first brisket which I smoked.  It cost me a small fortune and it bombed.  I couldn’t even tell you now what I did to it, but let me tell you, Mrs S was seriously pissed when we had a lot of tough brisket leftovers in the fridge.  Thankfully it did become a semi decent chilli and I was allowed to keep my man dignity for a little while longer.  But it does pose a risk for barbecue newbies looking to venture out into their first brisket cook at home…


Thankfully readers, I have the perfect solution for you bought to us by those friendly guys over at the Grid Iron Meat Company.

Grid Iron are offering a cold smoked brisket joint aimed at both novices and those who don’t have access to the smoking technology needed to give these large pieces of meat the love they need to get that lovely smokey flavour.  That includes restaurants and pubs would be getting a visit from the health and safety Police if they were to entertain getting a smoker installed to their pub kitchen.

But I can’t tell you any better than Grid Iron do themselves about their product:


This is tried and tested readers and I’m not just giving you ear Candy.  I’m like many revolutionary ideas which deliver as much bang as a Chinese firecracker this is the real deal.

On receiving my perfectly packaged beauty I used the Traeger set it and forget it method to 135C letting it smoke away for three hours before wrapping it and keeping it going for a further five.  So eight hours in total for that low and slow tenderness until the meat reached an internal temperature of 94C before resting an hour and then slicing the beautifully tender meat to a bunch of eagerly awaiting guests.

But truthfully it didn’t need a second smoke. You can get that perfect melt in your mouth texture roasting the joint low and slow in the oven at the same temperature for the same amount of time wrapping at the 3 hour point to set those juices in, the smokey flavours are already in there and the instructions for the cook are foolproof.  You’re guaranteed a winner.


Grid Iron are offering joints ranging from just over 2kgs to 6kgs and ranging in price from £30 to £70.  Admittedly they are not pork prices but this definitely guarantees a bang for you buck.  Not only did the smaller joint eeeeaaasssilllly serve four people until they were grabbing their bellies in satisfaction, I had a ton of leftovers to make a chilli and a whole container full of corned beef to get me through the work week.

Plus Grid Iron will deliver straight to your door – it couldn’t be easier.  So barbecue friends, if you are ready to venture out into your first brisket, give this a go, you’ll definitely be hooked on brisket for life.  Click any of the links to go straight over to the ordering page or just hit em up right here.

Also,  take a couple of minutes to check out my video below of my cook with the brisket from Youtube:

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