They reckon that by 2020 the UK health and fitness industry will be worth a eye watering £22.8 billion.  It appears that everyone is a superstar in the making, and there is often a longer wait these days to get on that particular machine you want to use in the gym to make way for the booty popping selfie taker all trying to get a slice of the action.  Gone are the days where you would rock up in the gym in your old rugby shorts, today it’s all about compression leggings, waist trainers and what the fuck is Gym Shark?  To be honest it looks downright painful.  We used to mock the old bloke with his balls on show but now it’s all the rage.

Diet.  The internet is about as much help as tits on a bull when it comes to getting any decent advice on the “best” diet.  If I was to believe everything that I have read online then quite frankly I’d be surviving souly on dust particles and specially treated water which has been filtered through the underpants of a Tibetan monk for purity, a snip at £2.99 a bottle.  The whole thing is just so bloody confusing.

Common sense long went out the window with our man made intuition in tow.  Even diets claiming to be based on primal instincts come along with strict guidelines… watch out for potatoes, they will definitely kill you, but it is ok to eat this specially packaged chocolate bar, after all it has no carbs!

I’m so glad that I don’t buy into this nonsense it’s sounds fucking exhausting.  I am a man bought up on my nanny Ivy’s chips and meat patties after all.

But don’t get me wrong… I’m not a complete idiot.  The recipes and videos that I post are largely indulgent but it would be a bit of a shit Meat Shack if I was to post a picture of me eating carrot sticks and hummus.  I don’t eat crap every day.  But I honestly use my common sense, nicely seasoned meat and veggies with no frills are the order of the day when the mid rif tyre becomes more tonka truck than Fiat 500.

The problem with all these diets is the bullshit evidence which comes alongside with published results.  It’s reported that the sugar industry paid for scientists during the flower power days of the 60s to produce research that downplayed the link between sugar and heart disease.  And today the food industry still plays a major role in the funding of research often resulting in a favourable outcome for the funder.  Funny that. 

What really grips my interest is the concept of Biohacking.  One of the world’s most famous Biohackers, Dave Asprey, Founder of Bulletproof explains Biohacking as;

Still lost?  Put good shit in, get good shit out.  

Think about it, what happens when you give a child a handful of orange smarties?  They.  Lose.  Their.  Shit.  And just because us so called adults have enough restraint not to run around with our underpants on our head singing the theme tune to Batman that doesn’t mean we don’t experience the same spikes and crashes created by big hits of sugar.

Biohacking involves almost becoming your very own scientist and guinea pig all at the same time.  In fact, you may already be biohacking and don’t even know it.  Changing a sleep routine to get in a few more ZZZs or cutting out refined sugar from your diet to regulate your blood glucose are all forms of altering your environment to optimise your health.

But my real interest in biohacking is the crazy shit that the top biohackers get up to in their pursuit to finding their superhuman being.  It’s the comic book geek in me that sparks my interest!  Take Ben Greenfield for example.  Ben has steadfastly earned himself a reputation for the guy who shines a laser light on his balls in a quest to increase testosterone levels.  Or there’s the fact that he has eaten tapeworms to improve gut health.  These are two of many MANY examples of the personal experiments Greenfield has conducted on himself and whilst these are extremely EXTREME he is an incredibly interesting guy, you might want to check out his website

But before I lose you, there are some very simple tweaks that you can make in a quest to becoming your own superhuman.  Here’s the Jack’s Shack Guide to Biohack:

Feeling like shit? 

Get back to basics and let your human intuition take over.  Try a basic elimination diet cutting out all processed and heavily refined foods.  Give your belly and brain a rest and stick to meats and lots of vegetables.  When looking at labels in the supermarket then think about this; if you can’t pronounce it – the chances are it’s no good for you.  But don’t be boring.  If someone offers you a sausage roll and you really fancy it then go for it.  Just get right back on track after that porky flaky goodness.  Start adding other foods in and make a mental note of what foods make you feel awesome and which ones make you feel pants.

What’s for brekkie? 

Are you even hungry when you get up?  Or is your morning frosties just a routine thing for you?  Why not try intermittent fasting and giving your belly a complete break until lunch time.  I often do this, sometimes without even thinking about it, and guess what, I don’t wilt and die!  There’s plenty left in the tank for the body to run on.  In fact, eating this way is linked to rebooting the immune system, more stable energy levels, and even a slowed ageing process.  But don’t starve yourself… if you’re hungry then eat!

Get into BONE BROTH. 

Essentially a stock, the collagen and goodness of boiled bones has almost magic like powers and can even help out during your morning fasts where you just need something to get you through that extra hour.  BONE BROTH will restore gut health, support immune system function and restore all the nastiness caused by reducing inflammation.

Get a good nights sleep

sleep is as important… many would say more important than getting good nutrition.  So turn off Netflix half an hour early and snuggle down for some extra zzzzs.


You don’t have to have a fancy gym membership and feel intimidated by the roid heads to get in the exercise.  Get up half an hour earlier and take fido for a nice long walk before work.  I used to balk at early mornings but it’s amazing how quickly it becomes routine.  

Do something a bit woo woo

Try something new that you may never have considered before.  I don’t mind admitting that I occasionally do a spot of yoga with the missus and there are dozens of meditation apps to guide you into the world of meditation.  In our crazy face paced world, there’s absolutely no harm in slowing the fuck down and giving yourself ten minutes to empty your mind, shut down and reboot.  And if you’re worried about looking like a wimp then just listen to what Joe Rogan has to say on the subject. 

Cheers Joe.

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And here are some healthy recipes that might get you on your way:





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